Addiction is a 3 fold illness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. When patients enter treatment the treatment center treats the Mind and Body but does not specialize in treating the spiritual side of the person. Treatment centers are only allowed to take clients up to step 3 of the 12 steps, then refer them to aftercare or send them back home with healthy and useful tools to use in Recovery.
How do I know if my child, spouse or friend has an alcohol or other drug problem
Some of the signs we look for are listed below. Read them and be honest with yourself. Abuse or addiction does not go away by itself, it can only change when YOU make a change.
Common Signs of alcohol or other drug abuse:
  1. Drop in performance/attendance at school or work.
  2. New friends you've never met.
  3. Mood swings.
  4. Withdrawal from family.
  5. Broken promises/lying.
  6. Secretive phone calls or messages.
  7. Changes in appearance or in clothing.
  8. Decreased concern about personal hygiene.
  9. Drugs or alcohol or paraphernalia found in home.
  10. Money or personal items missing.
  11. Vague statements as to where they are going.
  12. Angry outbursts.
Not all drug and alcohol abusers show all of these signs, but even if you have seen only one or two, get information and get help.


A Vision for You is a 501c3 non profit Faith based program that provides chemical dependency counseling for any individual experiencing setbacks in their well deserved life

A Vision for You HC specializes in Outpatient Counseling for alcohol and drugs with the spiritual component to give the client a healthier chance for success in Recovery.

We provide Life Recovery coaching to help lead the client to better understand what life is like in Recovery, and we offer healthier spiritual tools to cope with life in recovery.

We offer relapse prevention, so he or she can experience Recovery in confidence without having to struggle with everyday stress that life brings.

Addiction is a family illness, so we build on integrating the family in our sessions to help build a stronger support system for the client.

We strive for Long term guidance in the clients recovery process, so we build on setting a foundation to help a client understand the process of addiction.

A 90 day outpatient program is essential for a client to succeed in Recovery, however we continue to build on being there through the recovery process for the client after the 90 days.

A Vision for You HC is only allowed to treat individuals 18 years and older

About the Founder:

JJ Rodriguez is the Founder of "A Vision for You" HC in July of 2010 with the intentions of bringing Hope and Inspiration to the people who suffer from Alcohol and Drug Addiction. JJ is currently in Recovery from Alcohol and drugs and has been for over 11 years, and admits that the most challenging part of Recovery is not getting sober but staying sober. JJ has been trying to get sober from Alcohol and Drugs since 1997, and has been in and out of treatment centers trying to stay stopped. He has had success staying sober for 2 1/2 years then relapsing, and had another experience of getting sober again for another 21/2 years and relapsing again. It was after his last relapse that he desperately wanted to find the real solution to conquer his addiction, and that's when he made a desperation conscious effort to seek GOD so he could find the answers to be free from addiction of Alcohol and Drugs. His believe, and faith in GOD has revolutionized his thinking and life to where he is free from not just his addiction but free from his problem which was his EGO. EGO is believed to stand for Edging GOD Out, so when JJ sought GOD through the 12 steps of Recovery he found out from other people that have multiple years in Recovery that while we suffer from the Mind and Body of Addiction, we also suffer from a Spiritual Sickness. So when we experience overcoming our spiritual sickness through the power of GOD and the 12 steps of Recovery, we straighten out physically and mentally. JJ has not had a drink since, and he is living a more fruitful, healthier life beyond Belief! During early Recovery JJ has had a calling to go back to school to become a Drug and Alcohol counselor where he has a background of Licensed Counseling with Chemical Dependency. He has done his internships in Houston, Edinburg and South Padre Island Texas where he has worked with thousands of people that come from all different backgrounds. He understands that no matter where you come from, your ethnicity or if your rich or poor there is a solution that works. JJ with the help of close friends and appointed Board members started "A Vision for You" HC to add the spiritual component to the Therapeutic Recovery process, which involves the 12 steps of Recovery and building on the Relationship with your Creator. JJ is a Certified Faith Based Counselor, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Certified Anger Management Counselor.

Personal Info

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  • 900 S. Veterans Blvd, Edinburg, TX


Addiction has no preference of who its victim is. To the outside world, I had it all. On the inside, I was fading away. I am a 47 yr. old professional with many roles in the world: wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister. My story is a common one with alcohol being my master, as they say, "this was not my frist rodeo with alcohol." "A Vision for You" helped me regain my dignity and faith. My sobriety is a precious gift. I can truly say that my life has never been better. I know that in this world there will be good days and bad days. JJ and A Vision for You helped me regain what my addiction had taken. With honesty and hard work, you too can be a whole and joyful person! Take the journey, you will not regret it! - P. K.

After a five year struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, I was desperate. My panic attacks were hapering my ability to work, my joy for life, and my relationship with my family. The panic and anxiety ruled every part of my life. I went to doctors, but received no relief. The cycle of anxiety, fean, and panic were unbreakable. I could not easily talk to God. I felt I could not hear him. JJ and A Vision for You helped see the root causes of my fear. The center taught me how to limit and to overcome my panic attacks. I found new was of thinking and of being. I began experiencing healing in my family, relationships, and a new zest for my work. I can pray with confidence and fell God's love again. I know I still have much work to do, but I am on the road to recovery. The Lord used a Vision for You to give me the victory over fear, anxiety, anger, and panic. My thanks to the Lord and to JJ Rodriguez at A Vision for You. - Anonymous 

In 2009, I endured a traumatic experience in which I accidentally overdosed on work-out energy supplements. As a result, I had to be taken to the emergency room due to significantly elevated blood pressure and heartrate. After the experience and trauma were over, panic attacks began to slowly creep in. I began to avoid taking medications, going places and doing things I loved. I went to see a psychiatrist who wanted to place me on Lexapro, but I was scared to take any medication. Then one day I woke up and developed a fear of choking on my food while eating. I had become fearful of dying that I was now scared to eat and within one week I lost 5 lbs. I knew I had to find someone who could help me. The very same week, my mother had a friend who gave her information on JJ Rodriguez at A Vision for You Help Center. He too had suffered from panic attacks and could relate. I discovered the source of many of my fear-driven anxieties and sadness was essentially a spiritual malady. I was able to rebuild my relationsihp with God and JJ helped me break my irrational thought patterns and replace them with much healthier ones. My anxiety went away and I started getting rid of negative behaviors and unhelathy relationships. I no longer fear death and I have build a relationship with God. A Vision for You Help Center is truly a blessing sent by God. - J.G. 


A Vision for You is a Faith based program that provides chemical dependency counseling for any individual experiencing setbacks in their well deserved life